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AIGA Professional Design Certification (Online)

The AIGA Professional Design Certification represents a commitment to the design profession and to lifelong learning. This new online design certification program is open to design practitioners at every level who are committed to expanding their careers and the profession in all design modalities, including but not limited to graphic design, visual communications, interactive and web design, and UI/UX.

About AIGA Professional Design Certification Programs

In ongoing AIGA research, 90% of community members said they would be interested in an AIGA professional certification. We know that this new program will help advance the profession, bring design to the executive table, and make design a strategic function in organizations. Through this certification, we want to create inclusive pathways for those where a degree is not a viable path, or those who have learned their craft in action and want to validate their professionalism. This pathway allows for non-traditional backgrounds to be included in the profession. 

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As an AIGA Professional Certified Designer, you will: 

  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace for job opportunities and clients
  • Receive the AIGA Certified Designer distinction and badge
  • Help create accountability and professional standards for design 
  • Commit to your craft and professional practice

AIGA Professional Design Certification Pathways

Congratulations! You have made the important decision to pursue the AIGA Professional Design Certification. First, you must complete the knowledge assessment via the AIGA Professional Design Foundations Certificate and decide whether to apply for the AIGA Professional Designer or AIGA Design Leader distinction. Learn more about the pathways below.

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A distinction among professional designers would be helpful, especially in the hiring process.

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Benefits of AIGA Professional Design Certification

I love this idea. Certifications are excellent for professional development. Helps keep designing fresh and fun.

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To earn the AIGA Professional Design Certification, there are three steps:

Step 1

Knowledge/learning assessment via AIGA Professional Foundations Certificate which includes both a learning and assessment component.

Step 2

Professional practice assessment via AIGA Professional Portfolio Assessment which includes two levels based on typical design careers:

AIGA Professional Designer (AIGA PD)—Ideal for individual practitioners focused on the craft. Eligibility criteria:

  • At least one year of professional experience in design

AIGA Design Leader (AIGA DL)—Ideal for individuals in design leadership. Eligibility criteria:

  • At least seven years of professional experience in design

Step 3

An ongoing commitment to learning and to AIGA standards of professional practice and code of conduct demonstrated via annual recertification.

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